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Remote Learning: Advantages and Disadvantages

Medically reviewed by Elfred Landas, MD · General Practitioner · Maxicare Primary Care Center

Written by Lorraine Bunag, R.N. · Updated Jun 01, 2021

Remote Learning: Advantages and Disadvantages

Many students nowadays are enrolled in remote education, which uses technology and offline resources to facilitate learning without physically attending the classes. What are the remote learning advantages and disadvantages that parents should be aware of?

Advantages of Remote Learning

Knowing why online learning is good gives parents and children a better chance of making the most of it. If your little one is currently studying remotely, he or she can take advantage of the following:

Convenience and Safety

Convenience and safety are two of the best advantages of remote learning. Studying at home means your child has limited contact with people, significantly reducing their risk of contracting diseases such as the COVID-19.

Furthermore, remote education is convenient because:

  • Parents have more time as they can skip some chores, such as preparing separate lunchboxes and washing and ironing of school uniforms. They also do not need to get out of the house to send and pick-up their children from school.
  • Most of the things children need to learn are available online or offline (in the modules provided).
  • Distance Learning Tips for Parents

    Promotes Self-Discipline

    The discussion about remote learning advantages and disadvantages would not be complete without the mention of self-discipline.

    For many experts, distance education is highly beneficial because it promotes self-discipline. You see, without the teachers physically supervising the students, it’s mostly up to your child to accomplish their tasks.

    A lot of people believe that online learning help kids manage their time and learn about setting priorities.


    Help your little one make a schedule and break their goals into doable tasks for the day or week. This way, you can promote discipline by following a plan, and they can have a sense of achievement for accomplished work.

    Flexibility in Learning

    In school, kids often need to stay seated for hours while the discussion is on-going. With remote education, they can choose how they’ll learn.

    For instance, if your child learns more effectively when they read things aloud, they are free to do so at home. If soft music helps them understand lessons better, you can encourage them by playing soothing music.

    The bottom line is: at home, your little one can be more flexible in finding ways to learn the lessons.


    Promote flexibility by helping your preschooler find ways by which they learn more effectively. For instance, will they have more fun experimenting for real, or will videos suffice?

    remote learning advantages and disadvantages


    Now that we have talked about the advantages of remote learning, let’s explain the disadvantages.

    Limitations or Abuse of Technology

    The first disadvantage of remote learning is the possible limitations in technology. Currently, not all students have access to laptops for distance learning. Furthermore, the cost of internet connection is also an issue for many families.

    Another potential disadvantage is too much use of gadgets. With online learning, your child may have excessive screen time and reduced physical activity.


    Following a schedule and taking frequent breaks can help reduce screen time in kids. Always follow the guidelines for preschoolers‘ recommended screen time.

    Effects of Screen Time on Child Brain Development

    Sense of Isolation

    Another major disadvantage of distance learning is it somehow promotes a sense of isolation. You see, while your child can still see their friends online, it’s still different from when they can physically talk and play with them.


    Since kids can’t still meet with their friends physically, consider allowing them to meet online – outside school hours. Talk to the other parents and see if you can organize an online social gathering for the children from time to time.

    Lack of School-Life Balance

    And last on our discussion about remote learning advantages and disadvantages is school-life balance.

    Just as adults can experience a lack of work-life balance while working from home, children can, too. Since the resources are available 24/7, your little one may be tempted to study whenever they feel like it. This can blur the line between home life and school life.


    Please remind your child that they still need to follow the schedule you made together. Additionally, note their activities “outside of school.’ Are they still spending some time on their hobbies and interests? Respecting weekends and holidays also helps.

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    Medically reviewed by

    Elfred Landas, MD

    General Practitioner · Maxicare Primary Care Center

    Written by Lorraine Bunag, R.N. · Updated Jun 01, 2021

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