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Building Healthy Habits in Kids: Boosting Immunity and Growth with Bonakid Pre-School 3+

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Written by Jan Alwyn Batara · Updated a week ago

    Building Healthy Habits in Kids: Boosting Immunity and Growth with Bonakid Pre-School 3+

    Raising a healthy child is a fulfilling adventure for every parent. By establishing a foundation of healthy habits and balanced nutrition supported by Bonakid Pre-School 3+, you’re creating a robust shield for their well-being and immunity. This guide will demonstrate simple ways to achieve this. Let’s explore these together, ensuring your child grows up healthy.

    As a parent, one of the things you’ll hear often is just how important it is to teach your child healthy habits. These learned behaviors positively influence your child’s health and overall well-being, supporting their growth, development, and even strengthening their immune system. 

    Instilling these practices in your child’s early years sets the stage for long-term health. Moreover, young children possess a natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, making it the perfect time to introduce these practices. This early introduction ensures that your child will prioritize and maintain healthy behaviors as they get older.

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    What are examples of healthy habits?

    You can teach your child many healthy habits. To simplify, we’ve highlighted four essential ones for them to learn early on.

    Good Hygiene

    Proper hygiene helps prevent your child from frequently falling ill and stops the spread of germs1. While hygiene does not necessarily boost your child’s immunity, it does help lower the risk of infection, which makes it easier for your child’s immune system to protect his or her body.

    Good hygiene includes practices such as frequent hand washing, bathing, brushing teeth, keeping the surroundings clean, sanitation, and anything else that helps maintain cleanliness and overall health.

    Healthy Sleeping Habits

    Secondly, sleep plays an important role in child development. It is an opportunity for the body to rest, recharge and be ready for the next day. 

    Another benefit of getting plenty of sleep is that it supports the immune system and helps boost immunity. The hormones necessary for growth and development are also produced during sleep, so getting enough sleep has numerous benefits for growing children2.

    Lack of sleep also has numerous negative effects on health. It can cause fatigue, daytime sleepiness, and difficulty concentrating, while also affecting how children regulate their emotions3. This is why kids (and adults) get cranky or easily annoyed if they don’t get enough sleep.

    Children aged between 3-5 years should ideally be getting 10-13 hours of sleep each day, including naps. School-going kids, on the other hand, should get about 9-12 hours4.

    One way to promote healthy sleep would be to have a bedtime and naptime schedule. Cutting back on screen time at least an hour before bedtime can also help, since the blue light emitted by screens makes it harder to fall asleep5.

    Physical Activity

    In terms of growth and development, physical activity helps develop strong bones and muscles, improves your child’s motor skills, and even helps their cognitive development6. As your child becomes an adult, regular physical activity helps maintain good health and lowers the risk of diseases as well as excessive weight gain or obesity.

    The best way to encourage this habit would be to lead by example. Set aside some time each day to exercise, play games or take up a sport. A brisk walk around the neighborhood is a great way to encourage your child to play with other kids. This is a win-win as the child gets to socialize while engaging in physical activity. 

    Elevate your child’s growth and daily energy with the right nutrition. Pair a balanced diet with Bonakid Pre-School 3+ every day for optimal support alongside their active lifestyle.

    Balanced Nutrition

    Eating healthy and in the right amounts can have a significant impact on your child’s health. It is crucial that they learn this habit at a very young age.

    This involves offering your child not just tasty but nutritious food that can aid in their growth and development, and enhance their immunity against disease.

    To support your child’s growth, give them the nutrients that their body requires. Protein is important when it comes to building strong muscles and organs. Good sources of protein include lean meats, eggs, nuts, beans, and seeds.

    Your child also needs carbohydrates to help fuel their day-to-day activities. Brown rice, oats, cereals, starchy vegetables such as potatoes, as well as fresh fruits are great ways to include healthy carbohydrates in their diet.

    Vitamins and minerals are important in helping strengthen the immune system as well as maintain the body’s functions. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and milk. Most of your child’s diet should include these types of foods since they provide a lot of the nutrients that your child needs.

    The Importance of Growing-Up Milks

    An effective way to enhance your child’s nutrition is through milk. Cow’s milk is rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamin D, and minerals such as calcium, which are essential for their growth and development. 

    Growing-Up milks such as Bonakid Pre-School 3+ offer a higher nutrient-density than regular milk. Paired with a healthy and nutritious diet, growing-up milks can ensure that your child gets all the nutrients their body needs for sustained growth and development, and a strong immune system.

    Bonakid Pre-School 3+ has been clinically proven and tested to give a 2.4cm increase in height, a 1.3kg increase in weight, and children who consume two glasses daily have 10% fewer sick days compared to their peers after a 16-week clinical trial done on Filipino children. Combined with a healthy diet, Bonakid Pre-School 3+ can provide a significant advantage in your child’s Laban sa Paglaki.

    It’s very important that kids learn healthy habits early on in their lives. These habits contribute to their strength and overall health, boost their immunity, and provide them with numerous health benefits well into adulthood.


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    Medically reviewed by

    Hello Doctor Medical Panel

    General Practitioner

    Written by Jan Alwyn Batara · Updated a week ago

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