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11 Important Safety Rules We Must Teach Our Kids

Medically reviewed by Jezreel Esguerra, MD · General Practitioner

Written by Edamama · Updated Feb 23, 2023

    11 Important Safety Rules We Must Teach Our Kids

    Our children’s safety is our priority as parents. But no matter how much we try to protect our little ones, they will eventually grow up and explore the bigger world. When they are outside, it’s hard to keep a watchful eye over them, making it more challenging to shield them from danger and potential hazards. As parents, we should teach them safety rules.

    Safety Rules For Kids

    Keep them out of harm’s way by teaching them these safety rules.

    1. Memorize important details

    Know their parents’ complete names and contact information. Doing so will help them in the event of any emergency. Have them memorize these details.

    2. Do not open the door for strangers

    If your kids are old enough to be home alone (although still not encouraged), teach them to keep the doors locked at all times. and that it is important to always know who is at the door before letting them in. If they are not familiar faces, keep the door closed.

    3. Be careful when crossing the street

    Younger kids should have an adult with them when they cross the street. For the older ones, teach them to use the pedestrian and to look both ways before crossing. More importantly, they should put gadgets down when doing so as these serve as distractions.

    4. Good touch vs bad touch

    No one is allowed to touch your body without your consent. Teach them clearly about every body part so they can let you know if they feel uncomfortable about anyone touching any of these parts. Remind them that they have total control over their body, and show them the difference between good touch and bad touch.

    5. Never keep secrets from your parents

    Train your child at an early age not to keep secrets from you and that it’s never okay when other people — be it a relative or a friend — to ask them to do so. Affirm them that they can always come to you for anything.

    6. Do not get into the water without an adult

    Kids get excited when they see a pool or bathtub. Hence, an adult should always monitor them at all times because children can drown in just a few feet of water.

    7. It’s never okay to play with fire

    These little ones are naturally curious but do not know the danger that awaits them when they experiment with fire. So tell them to never play with matches or gas lighters, even in the presence of an adult.

    8. Stay where you are when you get lost or separated from your parents

    They should remain calm and stay where they are until their parents get to them. Tell them that should they decide to seek help; do so from a woman with children, nearest information counter or help center, or a police officer.

    9. Pay attention to allergies

    If your kid is allergic to a certain food or item, ensure that they are educated about it so they know what to look out for and stay away from.

    10. Steer clear of the medicine cabinet

    This should not be within easy reach of children to avoid accidental overdose or taking the wrong medicine. Medicines should only be given by their parents or a trusted guardian.

    11. Be careful with your online activities

    While the internet allows them to connect, learn, and play, there’s no denying that the online world is not the safest place for them. So it’s best to tell them not to share personal information online.


    Teaching your child some safety rules not only protects them but gives them a sense of autonomy and responsibility. Have open conversations with your child/ children often so they may feel comfortable asking you for help.

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    Medically reviewed by

    Jezreel Esguerra, MD

    General Practitioner

    Written by Edamama · Updated Feb 23, 2023

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