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Medicine For Baby Rash On Body? Dealing With Baby Rashes

Medicine For Baby Rash On Body? Dealing With Baby Rashes

What’s the best medicine for baby rash on body? Our little bundles of joy require our utmost care and attention because they are very vulnerable, and are still unable to care for themselves. What do we do when they start developing rashes?

Medicine for Baby Rash on Body: What Is a Rash?

Before we get to treating rashes, let’s find out what rashes are in the first place.

A rash is when our skin itches or swells. Also referred to as dermatitis, rashes can be dry, scaly, itchy and red.

In addition to these symptoms, rashes can also come with pimples, blisters, lumps, and bumps.

Rashes have numerous causes. Rashes can be:

  • Triggered by allergies
  • Result of excessive physical contact
  • A symptom of more serious illnesses or complications (for example, rashes with fever might point to a more serious condition)

It’s normal to experience having a rash. Be that as it may, some rashes are more serious than others and we should pay attention when our babies start developing them.

Medicine for Baby Rash on Body: Kinds of Baby Rash

Cradle Cap

Most common in newborns, cradle crap rashes will appear as thick, yellowy, crusty, or greasy patches on your baby’s scalp. Cradle cap will usually go away on it’s own after a few months.

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash will appear in your baby’s bottom or in the area covered by the diapers. It is usually caused by irritation or infection due to being in contact with excrement for too long. The material and fabric of the diaper might also be a cause for irritation, or trigger your baby’s allergies.


Many babies are born with tiny white bumps around their nose, chin, or cheeks. This rash is called Milia. This should go away soon enough. Make sure to wash your baby’s face with non-irritant soap and warm water.

Baby Acne

Baby acne will usually appear as red bumps around the baby’s cheeks. This rash usually occurs due to contact with their mother’s hormones in the womb. Much like other common baby rashes these should go away within a few weeks or months.

Heat Rash

Heat rash is common when the weather is hot and humid. Babies who are overdressed are more prone to getting heat rash. Heat rash will appear as tiny red pointy bumps on your baby’s skin. Bring your child to a cooler environment or provide them with cooler clothes.

Baby Eczema

Baby eczema will look like dry, scaly, and itchy skin. Babies will mostly outgrow this condition. To help treat baby eczema, wash your baby’s skin every three days instead of daily. This is because their skin is more sensitive than others. Also try to apply moisturizing ointments and creams that are approved by your doctor.

Most baby rashes will mostly go away by themselves. However, your doctor might recommend topical ointments or creams as well as oral antibiotics if he or she feels that it is necessary.

Medicine for Baby Rash on Body: Home Remedies

Here are some home remedies to address baby rashes. Always consult with your doctor for advice and when trying new products for your baby.

Medicine for Baby Rash on Body: Proper Diaper Hygiene

Proper hygiene works wonders in treating and preventing baby rash. Let your baby’s skin breathe.

Increased air flow can also help in relieving your baby’s rashes. Some rashes are caused by clothes that are too tight or by being overdressed. Always make sure your child is comfortable with their clothes and diapers.

Witch Hazel

Some studies showed that applying ointment with this flowering plant can help relieve rash.

Calendula and Aloe Vera

Calendula and aloe vera have been shown to be great in treating baby rash

Shampoo Clay or Bentonite

Some studies also show that bentonite can be effective in treating diaper rash.

Medicine for Baby Rash on Body: When to Go to the Emergency Room

You should be concerned if along with a rash, your baby is:

  • Experiencing a stiff neck
  • Bothered by light
  • Confused or looks confused
  • Is uncontrollably shaking
  • Experiencing uncontrollable fever
  • Having unusually cold hands and feet
  • Experiencing a rash that doesn’t fade when you press a glass against it

Key Takeaway

Baby rash is an incredibly common occurrence and shouldn’t be worth losing hair and sleep over. Medicine for baby rash on body usually includes proper cleaning, ointments, and creams. If your baby’s rash seems more serious than usual, immediately consult your doctor.

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