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Best Toys For Babies 0 to 12 months

Expertly reviewed by Danielle Joanne Villanueva Munji, OTRP · Occupational Therapy · Kids' S.P.O.T. Learning and Therapy Center, Inc.

Written by Mayvilyn Cabigao · Updated Oct 18, 2022

Best Toys For Babies 0 to 12 months

Your child’s development does not solely rely on the nutrients they get from the food they eat. The toys they play also have a big role in their development. For parents to further help the advancement of their children’s cognitive and motor skills, they need to supply them with the appropriate toys that are right for their age. What are the best toys for babies under 1? Let’s find out.

What Are the Best Toys for My Baby?

There are thousands of toys available in the market. To know which toys are the best babies under 1, let’s check out this list.

0 to 3 months 


The patterns and shapes of a rattle do not only stimulate a baby’s vision but also improve their hearing and alertness. Rattles can catch your baby’s attention and encourage them to seek where the sound is coming from. Different types of rattle toys can also help develop your little ones’ grip and some can also double as a teether.

Play gyms and mats

Play gyms and mats are some of the most popular toys commonly given to infants. Babies 0 to 3 months old can enjoy play gyms as these have a lot of features, making for a stimulating environment. Play gyms help boost your baby’s knowledge of colors, shapes, patterns, sounds, and can stimulate their imagination as well.

3 to 6 months

Music toys

Music helps boost a baby’s cognitive ability and sensory skills. The best examples of music toys include battery-operated toys that play nursery rhymes or tunes and musical instruments like xylophone, piano, and guitar.

Mirror toys

Mirror toys are the best toys for babies under 1 as it promotes self-discovery as well as enhances a baby’s memory, social, and interactive skills. These mirror toys help babies recognize their features and see their expressions. Mirror toys are often included in play gyms or textured books, but you can also DIY and give your baby a little mirror (maybe from your makeup stash). Just make sure that there are no sharp edges and always supervise your little one.

Stacking cups

Stacking cups are toys that help improve a baby’s eye-hand coordination skills as well as their fine motor skills such as reaching, grasping and facilitating hand use. Babies as young as 6 months can also learn about the concept of cause and effect when playing with stacking cups.

6 to 12 months

Activity cubes

Wooden activity cubes for babies contain different games and activities. These games are good for developing gross motor skills as well as improve eye-hand coordination and critical thinking skills. Babies will also be aware of the concept of cause and effect when playing with activity cubes.

Sensory books

Sensory books promote multi-sensory stimulation as well as tactile learning. The different textures in a sensory book help babies get used to different kinds of textures. These textures will also help develop and improve a baby’s sense of touch.


Building or block sets are one of the best toys for babies under 1 since it helps hone their creativity and imagination. Blocks can also be used in different ways, and will definitely come in handy until your baby becomes a toddler.

Stacking the blocks or creating images out of it improves a child’s fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Building blocks also teaches children as young as 12 months about the concept of math, geometry, gravity, and balance. You will notice that your children’s building skills will become more complex as they grow.


If you are looking for a toy that will get your baby moving, a ball will be a good choice. A ball is a versatile toy that encourages children to move around and further develop their motor skills, improve their grasp, as well as strengthen their muscles. Playing catch also stimulates social awareness if they are playing with another person.

Toy vehicles

The best toy vehicles that you can give your child are non-electric ones. Toy vehicles that can be rearranged or are manually controlled have a positive effect on your baby’s fine motor skills as well as improve their dexterity. Playing with toy vehicles can also help in developing their cognitive skills.

best toys for babies under 1

How Can I Choose Toys for My Baby?

There are factors that parents need to consider when purchasing toys for their babies. The best toys for babies under 1 are those that can help hone their skills as infanthood to toddlerhood are the most crucial years for children.

When buying toys, consider the following.


Before buying any toys, you first need to know if it is suitable for your baby’s age. You wouldn’t want to buy a battery-operated toy car for an infant, would you? You also need to take into consideration the baby’s capabilities and skills before purchasing any toy.

Baby’s safety

It is no doubt that toys always bring joy to a child’s life. However, before giving new toys to your baby, you need to check first if it’s safe. Check the packaging or the toy itself for choking hazards such as tiny figureheads, screws, and other trinkets. Keep in mind that small toys that are smaller than a child’s mouth are not advisable for infants.

Encourages creativity, imagination, and learning

When buying a toy, you also need to see if the toys you have in mind can help develop your child’s skills. Kids’ toys shouldn’t just be for fun and entertainment but for learning as well. Give your child toys that can boost their creativity and imagination as well as toys that can help them explore their skills.

Toys that motivate your child to move

Aside from toys that boost your child’s creativity and imagination, purchasing toys that encourage your child to move will also provide a big help in the development of their physique.

Promotes interaction between child and parents or caregivers

Toys can also be used as an instrument for parents to build their bond with their children. There are toys in the market that help promote interaction between a parent and their child. With these toys, not only will you be able to have fun with your babies, but you will also be able to watch their growth and guide them through their development.

Key Takeaways

There is a wide array of toys you can choose from. You may either buy ready-made from the store or even make your own. Whatever toys you choose, it still boils down to the preferences, skills, and age of your baby.

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Expertly reviewed by

Danielle Joanne Villanueva Munji, OTRP

Occupational Therapy · Kids' S.P.O.T. Learning and Therapy Center, Inc.

Written by Mayvilyn Cabigao · Updated Oct 18, 2022

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