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Looking for Muscle Pain Relief? Try TENS

Medically reviewed by Hello Doctor Medical Panel · General Practitioner

Written by Hello Doctor Medical Panel · Updated Jan 17

Looking for Muscle Pain Relief? Try TENS

Muscle pain is extremely common. Lahat ng tao ay nakararanas nito at some point in their lives. While you may take painkillers, did you know that there are other ways to alleviate pain without using medication? With TENS, it’s possible. Learn more about it here.

What is a TENS Machine and how does it relieve your muscle pain?

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. To use a TENS machine, you connect the device to your skin using pads. Small electric impulses are sent through the pads, into the skin.

It can effectively and safely  ease muscle pain by:

Blocking Pain Messages

When there’s damage to your muscles or joints, pain receptors in your body send messages to the brain. That’s when you feel pain.

The electrical impulses from the TENS machine block the signals from the receptors, resulting in immediate pain relief1.

Promoting Endorphin Release

Endorphins are natural pain relievers released in the brain in response to pain or stress2. The electric impulses delivered by the TENS machine activate the nervous system to release endorphins3. This leads to longer-lasting pain relief and improved mood.

Enhancing Blood Stimulation

TENS machines also gently massage tight muscles. Nakatutulong ito to increase localized blood circulation, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the affected muscles for faster healing4.

Conditions TENS Machine Might Help With

TENS uses your body’s natural processes to ease both acute and chronic pain.

Acute and Chronic Pain5

Acute pain is self-limiting or temporary. Madalas nagkakaroon tayo ng acute pain because of an injury or conditions associated with skeletal muscles. This kind of pain goes away when there’s no longer an underlying cause (ex. injury, childbirth, burns, etc).

Chronic pain, on the other hand, may be considered a disease state. It lasts longer, even when the underlying cause has been treated. Often, chronic pain is associated with long-term conditions, such as cancer, nerve damage, and arthritis.

What Kind of Pain Can You Alleviate With a TENS Machine?

Here are more specific examples of when you can use a TENS unit:

Muscle Pain After Working Out

Regular exercise keeps us healthy, but it can be painful, too. Don’t let muscle and joint pains stop you from being fit and healthy. TENS can help ease the pain from working out.

Period Pain

It’s common for women who experience period pains or dysmenorrhea to take painkillers. Fortunately, TENS can offer immediate relief for menstrual cramps.

Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic pain happens when there’s an issue with the nerves that carry messages to the brain6. Did you know that common pain relievers, such as NSAIDS, don’t usually work for neuropathic pain7? The good news is Omron TENS machines can be a more natural way to manage nerve pain.


Arthritis results in stiffness, swelling and pain in your joints, which may get worse as you get older8. If you have arthritis, TENS therapy can be a valuable drug-free addition to your pain management strategies.

TENS for Quick Drug-Free Pain Relief

Omron’s HV-F013 TENS machine offers pain relief through while being easy to use, maintain, and transport.

Easy To Use and Compact

HV-F013 has 5 massage modes that target different areas of the body and 10 levels of intensity for more customized pain relief.  The HV-F013 is conveniently small, fitting in the palm of your hand, which means you can bring it with you wherever you go. It’s also easy to use: simply attach the cables to the electrode pads, remove the sticker on the pads, and apply the pads to the affected area. 

Like the HV-F013, the Omron HV-F021 TENS machine also provides drug-free pain relief with 6 massage modes and 15 levels of intensity.


TENS offers pain relief using your body’s natural processes. It sends small, safe electrical signals that block pain signals from the affected area and release endorphins for immediate, longer-lasting pain relief. The gentle massage it delivers also stimulates blood flow, which helps heal damaged muscles.

It does not, however, cure what causes your pain. If you have unexplained or persisting pain, please seek consultation with a doctor.

Ready to start easing pain without drugs? Check out Omron’s TENS machines in our Shopee and Lazada stores.


Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Medically reviewed by

Hello Doctor Medical Panel

General Practitioner

Written by Hello Doctor Medical Panel · Updated Jan 17

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