Fight COVID-19! Get This Free COVID-19 E-Book!

Fact-checked by Vincent Sales

Written by Vincent Sales · Updated Jan 06

    Fight COVID-19! Get This Free COVID-19 E-Book!

    As we enter the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, much remains uncertain. Is Omicron the beginning of the end, as some say? Are we entering a new endemic phase? And if we are, what do we need to know about vaccination, about new antiviral drugs or about current COVID guidelines? If we get the disease, what do we know now about preventing its spread to our loved ones?

    One thing is clear: Knowledge about COVID-19 is the only thing that can help us in this pandemic. Each of us needs to know as much as we can about the vaccines, methods of prevention and treatment for the disease. Only with this knowledge can we stay safe.

    COVID-19: How It Started… How It’s Going

    To give our readers the knowledge they need about COVID-19 , HelloDoctor created this ebook, COVID-19: How It Started… How It’s Going. In this 20,000-word book of COVID articles, you will be updated on the latest COVID guidelines about the disease.

    And because this e-book is from HelloDoctor, it has been reviewed by our medical panel, a group of doctors who ensure that the knowledge and advice we give is true and accurate.

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    What’s In This Free COVID-19 E-Book?

    This COVID-19 e-book covers a large number of topcis from COVID articles on the HelloDoctor website, including the latest COVID guidelines and more.

    • Vaccines – Everything you need to know Sinovac, Pfizer, Moderna and more, plus what to expect when you receive your shots.
    • Variants – With new variants constantly appearing, what variants should you be concerned about? And what can you do to protect yourself and your family?
    • New Antiviral Treatments – New drugs like Molnupiravir could provide a way out of the pandemic by making COVID-19 a treatable disease.
    • What to do when you get COVID-19 – No one is 100% safe from COVID-19. If you should get an infection, what steps should you take and when should you go to the hospital?

    How Do I Get This Free COVID-19 E-Book?

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    Learn more about Coronavirus here.

    Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

    Fact-checked by

    Vincent Sales

    Written by Vincent Sales · Updated Jan 06