Melanie Alejandro

Speech and Language Therapy

Expert's Profile

Melanie has always wanted to be a teacher, event at the age of five. Most of her life choices have been in pursuit of cultivating and expressing this undeniable passion, resulting in more than 30 years of teaching, tutoring, and mentoring. Nothing gives her as much fulfillment as making a difference in the lives of children and families through education. She has been advocating inclusion in schools and in the community for many decades now, and her school, Integrated Center for the Young, is known as one of the pioneers of inclusive education in the Philippines.

Credentials & Highlights


  • Doctor of Philosophy Major in Developmental Psychology Minor in Clinical Psychology

    University of the Philippines

  • Certificate in Teaching

    Central Colleges of the Philippines

  • Master of Arts Psychology

    University of the Philippines

  • Bachelor of Arts Psychology

    University of the Philippines,


  • Founder/ Directress

    Integrated Center for the Young

  • Head of Academic Affairs

    Mother's School of Child Development

  • Psychologist

    Private practice

  • Preschool Teacher

    International Center for Beginning Beginners

  • Preschool Teacher

    Mother and Child Learning Center

  • Primary School Teacher

    Children's Learning Center