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Mental Health Counseling

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Maria Lourdes Fabia is a Well Being and Mental Health Advocate, a Positive Psychology, HR Practitioner. She finished a degree of BS Psychology in Assumption College (cum laude) and earned her Diploma of Well Being and Positive Psychology in Melbourne, Australia in 2018. She is also Certified for Mental Health First Aid by Victoria Chamber of Commerce, Australia, Strengths Profile and Emotional Intelligence (MSCEIT) Certified Coach.

Lourdes’ more than 2 decades of professional HR experience focused on supporting multinational organizations locally and in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam,  Australia & New Zealand. She specializes in Talent Management, Organization and Leadership Development, Inclusion and Diversity and Workplace Well Being. An advocate of mental health and well-being, Lourdes believes that with her educational background and professional experience, she can partner with organizations as we implement the Mental Health Law (Republic Act 11036) and create more safe and mentally healthy places for work.




Credentials & Highlights


  • BS Psychology

    Assumption College, San Lorenzo

  • Langley Institute, Melbourne Australia

  • Victoria Chamber of Commerce, Melbourne Australia


  • Workplace Well Being Specialist, Mental Health Advocate, Owner & Lead Consultant

    Evolvelink Consultancy Services

  • Mental Health Consultant Partner

    fitSEA Sdn.Bhd

  • Director Talent Management, Inclusion and Diversity, East Asia & Australia,South & South Asia Region

    Philip Morris International

  • Director People and Culture

    Philip Morris Limited

  • HR Director

    Vinataba - Philip Morris Ho Chi Minh Branch

  • Manager, Management & Organization Development

    PMFTC Inc.

  • HR Manager Business Partner

    PMFTC Inc.

  • Manager HR Projects

    Philip Morris Affiliates in Malaysia

  • HR Manager Management and Organization Development

    Philip Morris Philippines Manufacturing Inc.

  • HR Manager Sales & Marketing

    Philip Morris Philippines Manufacturing Inc.


  • Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test Certified, Langley Institute, Melbourne Australia

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