Jarah Victoria Dayag, RPsy


Expert's Profile

Jarah Victoria Dayag is a certified and registered clinical psychologist and teacher, who is part of Empath.

Empath provides accessible mental healthcare solutions and services in order to improve the mental well-being of Filipinos.


For individuals: Telemental Health Consultations
– Empath Consultations
– Counseling and Psychotherapy
– Psychiatric Consultations
– Case Conferences
– Family and Couples Therapy

For organizations and academic institutions: Mental Healthcare 12-Month Solutions Plan
– Employee Mental Health Needs Assessment
– Policy and Program Development
– Telemental Health Services & Plans
– Mental Health Talks
– Psychosocial Support Trainings
– Wellness Services
– Employees Quarterly Assessments
– Service Utilization Assessments

Credentials & Highlights


  • Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science

    University of Santo Tomas

  • Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology

    University of Santo Tomas

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology

    University of Santo Tomas


  • Clinical Psychologist

    Empath Corporation

  • Psychology Faculty Member

    CEU Psychology Department

  • Psychology Lecturer

    National Teachers College


  • [2018] Registered Psychologist Board Licensure Examination for Psychologists and Psychometricians

  • [2014] Civil Service Commission Career Service Professional Eligibility