Fia Batua-Mambuay, RND

Dietetics and Nutrition

Expert's Profile

Fia Batua-Mambuay is one of the leading Dietitian and Nutritionists in the Philippines. She is a speaker, consultant, full-time mom, writer, total foodie, and health advocate. She established her private practice in 2014 with the goal of offering patients nutrition care in a kind, approachable manner. Her approach is hands-on and personal. “Feeling your best requires proper nutrition and a positive connection with food. I try to help patients replace their fear of eating with the sense that healthy nourishment is natural and essential.”

Coach Fia co-founded Nutricoach, Inc, the first nutrition tech-based start-up in the Philippines. NutriCoach is a SaaS productivity tool and platform that helps dietitians and nutritionists easily coach and connect with patients/clients around the world. Their vision is to change lives by making nutritional care simple, enjoyable, and accessible to all.

Credentials & Highlights


  • BS Nutrition & Dietetics

    University of Santo Tomas

  • Sports Nutrition Diploma

    International Olympic Committee

  • Start up FI Core Program

    Founder Institute

  • Culinary Arts

    Academy of Culinary Excellence

  • Diploma in Sports Nutrition & Exercise

    Laura Kealy MSc Advance Nutrition Class (UK based Online class)


  • Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

    Nutricoach, Inc.

  • Private - Nutritionist Dietitian and Chef

    MSF Nutrition Health & Wellness Consultancy Services

  • Founder and President

    Sports Nutrition Association of the Philippines, Inc. (SNAP)

  • Member

    Nutritionist Dietitians' Association of the Philippines (NDAP)

  • Officer

    NDAP - Sports Nutrition & Wellness Dietetic Practice Group

  • Member

    Philippine Society of Nutritionist Dietitians (PSND)

  • Member

    Philippine Association of Nutrition (PAN)

  • Member

    International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN)