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Food for Sore Throat: Tips to Help Soothe an Inflamed Throat

Food for Sore Throat: Tips to Help Soothe an Inflamed Throat

A sore throat is that burning sensation in your throat which is caused by either a bacteria or a virus. Regardless of its cause, both can make swallowing hard, which can affect your appetite. Knowing the types of food for sore throat can help make eating feel better and you’ll get the right nourishment your body needs.

8 Types of Food for Sore Throat

Food can help heal the body especially when the right type of food is eaten. It can also be an excuse to eat more of these foods and get better at the same time.


The most basic of all. It may not have nutritional value but it can flush out the cause of your sore throat. It keeps your throat hydrated which lessens the pain you feel. Add salt to warm water and gargle to get instant relief from your sore throat.


Teas can hydrate you just like water but some added ingredients can make it better. Green tea is said to help reduce the pain of sore throat with its anti-inflammatory components. You can also add a little bit of honey to amp up its healing effects. Just make sure to watch the teas that you drink as caffeine is something you need to avoid while getting better.


Honey is known for a lot of health benefits which are included in the food for sore throat. It has antibacterial properties and fights viral infections which soothe pain caused by a sore throat. Adding this to your tea or sweeten your warm water to keep your throat lubricated.


Lemon has vitamin C components that boost the immune system and gives relief to sore throats. It might not be a good idea to eat it alone, but mix it up in your drinks and soups to add flavor to food and soothe your throat. This is one type of food for sore throat that will give definite relief.


You can never go wrong with soups. It’s easy to eat as everything is added to the broth and boiled until soft. There are also known benefits for chicken soup which has a mild anti-inflammatory effect to make your sore throat heal faster. It’s one of the best food for sore throats as it has vegetables and meat to give nutrition to your body.

Hard Candy

Some lozenges and hard candies have licorice roots which have ingredients that help treat inflammation. It also stimulates your saliva production to keep your throat from drying out.

Soft Food

Whether it’s mashed potatoes or yogurt, soft foods are easier to swallow compared to dry food. It lessens the stress placed on the throat when you swallow.

Food to Avoid

Here are some foods that you need to avoid when you have a sore throat. It may be good to have an appetite while recovering, but avoiding these will help lessen the discomfort that you feel in your throat.

Hard-to-Swallow Food

Food such as crackers, chips, and crusty bread can give you a hard time swallowing them. It also makes your throat dry which makes it more scratchy. Focus on getting better first before grabbing a bag of your favorite dry snacks.


Caffeine is a diuretic or makes your body urine more often. While nursing a sore throat, it is best to keep yourself hydrated to flush out what’s causing your inflamed throat. Drink more water instead of that cup of coffee in the mornings.

Spicy Food and Acidic Food

These types of food can cause irritation in the throat and can make it hard to swallow. It is also possible that it can cause acid reflux which will worsen your already sore throat.


It is always not a good idea to drink alcohol while getting better. Aside from possible negative effects with your medication, it also weakens your immune system which might extend your recovery period.

No Smoking!

It might not be food but avoid smoking while getting better. Exposure to smoke can easily irritate your throat.

Key Takeaways

Eating the right food can make recovery faster. Most of the food for sore throat is to soothe and lubricate the throat and to keep the body hydrated. There are also foods to avoid to keep the body healthy and lessen food that is hard to swallow. If you’re suffering from a sore throat, one of the most effective remedies is to gargle with warm saline water.

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