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Signs of Diabetes in Men

Medically reviewed by DR Balbuena Viojan, MD · Radiology

Written by Hello Bacsi · Updated Oct 26, 2022

Signs of Diabetes in Men

Diabetes is a condition characterized by high blood sugar levels. If poorly controlled, this may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease or problems with the eyes, skin, kidneys, and nervous system. Recognizing the signs of diabetes in men will help you take early measures to prevent the consequences of the disease.

Signs of Diabetes in Men

Sexual dysfunction is a common sign of diabetes in men

There are 2 signs of diabetes in men worth worrying about including erectile dysfunction and retrograde ejaculation. The details of each type are as follows:

1. Erectile Dysfunction

One of the signs of diabetes in men is erectile dysfunction. This means that a man loses the ability to get or maintain an erection. At the same time, this condition can also be another alarming symptom of health-related issues like high blood pressure, stress, smoking, drug side effects, and kidney disease. It is also possible that the condition is related to the circulatory and nervous systems.

If you begin to experience erectile dysfunction, think about the possibility of diabetes. According to the National Diabetes Statistical Office, men with diabetes are at increased risk for erectile dysfunction. Although the numbers are slightly different, 20%-75% of men with diabetes have erectile dysfunction.

Diabetes can lead to sexual problems by damaging the body’s autonomic nervous system (ANS). This nervous system controls the expansion or contraction of blood vessels. If the blood vessels and nerves in the penis are damaged by diabetes, it can lead to erectile dysfunction.

2. Retrograde Ejaculation

Another problem in the urinary system of men that is related to diabetes is called retrograde ejaculation. This condition is when a small amount of semen is ejaculated back into the bladder. A notable symptom of the disease is a significant decrease in the amount of semen per ejaculation.

Sexual problems are often difficult to talk about. You need to have a frank conversation with your doctor about erectile dysfunction and other symptoms. A simple blood test can help diagnose diabetes. Finding the cause of erectile dysfunction can also help you uncover other undiagnosed conditions.

How To Control the Condition

The best way to prevent urinary problems and other diabetes-related problems is to maintain normal blood glucose levels. Treatment includes medication, exercise, and a proper diet.

Erectile dysfunction drugs, such as tadalafil (Cialis), vardenafil (Levitra), and sildenafil (Viagra) can all treat this condition well. To avoid adverse drug reactions, you should discuss all medications and supplements with your doctor.

Sometimes other signs of diabetes in men or cardiovascular disease in men can lead to mental problems such as anxiety or depression. This can be the cause of worsening erectile dysfunction, as well as other health problems.

Talk to your doctor if you start to feel hopeless, sad, anxious, or worried. If your eating or sleeping habits change, tell your doctor about these symptoms. By taking control of your mind, you can limit the effects of the disease on the rest of your body.

What Are Other Signs of Diabetes in Men?

Some diabetes symptoms in men are the same as in women. For example, a variety of skin problems can be one of the first signs of diabetes in men.

Poor blood circulation caused by diabetes can cause itching in the legs and feet. You are also more susceptible to bacterial and fungal skin infections when you have diabetes. Take good care of your skin and see a dermatologist when problems arise.

According to the American Diabetes Association, about half of all people with diabetes have nerve damage. When nerves are damaged by diabetes, the condition is called diabetic neuropathy.

In autonomic neuropathy, you will damage the nerves that control basic functions, such as circulation and breathing.

For peripheral neuropathy, you have tingling or pain in your hands or feet. If you have sharp pain or numbness in your hands or feet, let your doctor know. Treating diabetic neuropathy can limit early damage.

Key Takeaways

Men are more likely to have diabetes than women, and the rise in obesity may be a major cause.
If you have high blood sugar levels and are at risk for type 2 diabetes, you can still prevent the disease. Even if there are signs of diabetes in men, you can still lead a healthy life. With a healthy lifestyle and proper medication use, you can prevent or control the complications of diabetes.
Being proactive is very important in the treatment of diabetes. If you can’t remember the last time you checked your blood sugar, it’s a good idea to test it soon. This is especially important if you are starting to experience erectile dysfunction or other common diabetes symptoms.

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Medically reviewed by

DR Balbuena Viojan, MD


Written by Hello Bacsi · Updated Oct 26, 2022

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