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5 Essential Parenting Influencers To Follow Online

Medically reviewed by Dexter Macalintal, MD

Written by Lorraine Bunag, R.N. · Updated May 12, 2022

    5 Essential Parenting Influencers To Follow Online

    Following parenting influencers online gives moms and dads several advantages. Firstly, these personalities often provide tips and hacks for parenting. Some parenting influencers (with their cute babies) are also entertaining; they can be your daily dose of “good vibes.” And finally, following parenting influencers can be practical and profitable, seeing that influencers often host giveaways. 

    If you’re looking for parenting influencers to follow online, here’s a list for you. 

    parenting influencers

    Mommy Pehpot

    Mommy Pehpot, the vlogger mother of “5 adorable kids and wife to the best husband in the world,” discusses anything and everything about parenting — from choosing diapers to helping kids power through their homeschooling. 

    She also posts recipes, negosyo ideas, tips in house organization, and about plants

    Mommy Pehpot is also known for cash giveaways, often posting simple contests online with cash prizes. 

    You can find Mommy Pehpot on Facebook and YouTube.

    parenting influencers

    Blissful Blooming

    If you’re a millennial mom or dad, you’ll enjoy following Blissful Blooming, a parenting, family, and lifestyle blog. 

    Eager to up your parenting skills one step at a time? This blog is for you. Learn about family life, baby products, education for kids, beauty and wellness, travel tips, financial management, and events planning. 

    Checkout their blog here.  You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram


    When we look for parenting influencers to follow online, we seldom see dads. But, we found this gem: DaddyDoodleDoo. 

    The man behind this blog, Alvin Adarne, has two beautiful daughters and he loves sharing his “daddy moments” with them in his blog. To help other dads out there, he also talks about parenting tips, technology, lifestyle, food, and DIY projects. 

    Learn more from this witty dad by following him on Facebook.

    parenting influencers
    Image from Instagram

    Mommy Practicality

    If you want to follow parenting influencers who teach practical matters, check out Mommy Practicality online. 

    The mommy behind the blog, Louise, talks about motherhood, child rearing, as well as child health. On top of that, she helps parents take a more practical approach to family events, shopping, and food. She even shares meal ideas! 

    Finally, Mommy Practicality also talks about financial management. 

    You can follow Mommy Practicality on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  You can also check out the blog here

    Bryce Larrosa and #TheClingyFam

    Bryca Larrosa was a corporate man, but now, he’s a happy and fulfilled full-time dad, husband, and stay-at-home content creator. 

    He shares their family milestones, along with parenting tips, homeschooling experiences, and exciting family activities. 

    Bryce Larrosa dreams of raising dads’ voices in the parenting community. So not only does he focus on parenting, he also teaches those who want to start their journey about content creation. 

    Follow the Larrosas on their YouTube channel. Daddy Bryce also has his own YouTube channel, which you can find here

    Reminders When Following Parenting Influencers

    Many parents follow parenting influencers online. But, how do you make the most of following them?

    First, keep in mind that whatever worked for them may not work for you and your family. Take what you can and don’t feel bad if something didn’t materialize. 

    Another thing to keep in mind is to engage with other parents. Take a moment to read comments, and maybe share a bit of your own relevant experiences. 

    Finally, be mindful of your screen time! Following parenting influencers can be quite “addictive” especially when they are both informative and entertaining.

    Key Takeaways

    Are you looking for parenting influencers to follow online? Consider checking out Mommy Pehpot, Blissful Blooming, DaddyDoodleDoo, Mommy Practicality, and Bryce Larrosa. 

    Or perhaps you want to recommend other influencers? Let us know in the comments section. You can also check out our parenting community here.

    Learn more about Parenting here


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    Medically reviewed by

    Dexter Macalintal, MD

    Written by Lorraine Bunag, R.N. · Updated May 12, 2022

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