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KoolFever For Baby: What You Need To Know

Medically reviewed by Regina Victoria Boyles, MD · Pediatrics

Written by Lorraine Bunag, R.N. · Updated Aug 01, 2023

KoolFever For Baby: What You Need To Know

It’s not unheard of for babies to develop fever. After all, their immune system is not yet fully developed, making them more susceptible to diseases. According to experts, parents don’t always need to give medicine to febrile kids. Still, treating fever to promote comfort should be a priority. One of the common ways to manage high body temperature is to use fever relief patches, such as KoolFever. Here’s what you need to know about KoolFever for baby. 

What is KoolFever?

KoolFever is made from polymer hydrogel, a type of material that can hold large amounts of water. The polymer hydrogel is mixed with the following materials:

  • Water
  • Polyacrylic acid (which is commonly used as artificial tears)
  • Glycerine
  • Dimethylol dimethyl hydantoin (a compound used to prevent the growth of bacteria)
  • Aluminum hydroxide (which is used as an antacid)

Generally, what happens is when the fever relief patch is applied to the baby’s forehead, the heat of the body evaporates the water within. This evaporation gives the cooling effect. KoolFever also “absorbs and disperses” heat effectively. 

Is KoolFever Safe?

Is KoolFever for baby safe? According to reports, the evaporation process that gives the cooling effect is totally harmless to human beings. It also has no coloring or fragrance, which makes it gentler on skin. KoolFever Baby is for infants up to 2 years of age. 

Still, if upon use you notice some irritation on your baby’s forehead, such as rashes and redness, discontinue use. 


This and other similar products are not recommended for children with G6PD deficiency (menthol content can trigger their bleeding condition).

What Are the Other Uses of KoolFever for Baby?

Besides being used for fever, you can also use KoolFever for baby or an adult:

  • When they can’t sleep due to hot nights
  • When they need to cool down during hot days 
  • If they have a headache or toothache
  • If they have a sprain or bruise 
  • When they experience flushed skin after sports or playing outdoors 

How to Use KoolFever

From their official website, here are the instructions on how to use KoolFever for baby:

  1. Remove the thin transparent cover. 
  2. Snuggly attach the fever relief patch to the desired area (forehead, neck, arm, etc.)
  3. You may cut the patch to the desired size. 
  4. The patch is effective for up to 4 hours. 
  5. For hygiene purposes and efficacy, please only use the patch once. 
  6. Additional Reminders

    Besides using KoolFever for baby, please note the following ways to treat fever:

    • Dress your baby in light, breathable clothing. However, be sure that they are comfortable and not feeling cold. 
    • Give them enough water and fluids to keep them hydrated. Dehydration can trigger fever (and vice versa), after all. Please keep in mind that prompt medical attention is necessary if your baby cannot keep food nor fluid down. 
    • Give your baby a lukewarm bath. Never use cold water or alcohol as it might cause shaking and can further increase their temperature. 
    • NEVER give your baby aspirin. It is associated with Reye’s Syndrome, which can negatively affect the child’s nervous system and even cause death. 

    Bring Your Baby to the Doctor if…

    It’s time to bring them to the doctor if they:

    • Develop fever and are younger than 3 months old. 
    • Have a fever that lasts for a couple of days (more than 3 days in some reports). 
    • Develop a high body temperature of 40 C or higher
    • Still have a high fever despite fever reducers
    • Don’t appear to be themselves: they are not responsive, are not eating or drinking, etc. 
    • And of course, bring your baby to the doctor anytime if you are especially concerned about their fever and status in general.

      Key Takeaways

      Is KoolFever for baby safe? Reports say it is, although parents are advised to discontinue use if they notice any kind of irritation on the skin. It works by cooling the skin as the water in it evaporates. The fever relief patch is odorless and colorless, and its effects last for about 4 hours.

      Learn more about Parenting here. 


      Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

      Medically reviewed by

      Regina Victoria Boyles, MD


      Written by Lorraine Bunag, R.N. · Updated Aug 01, 2023

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