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Why You Should Have a Baby Monitor at Home

Why You Should Have a Baby Monitor at Home

. Parenting a newborn comes with a lot of worries and anxiety. Just the thought of leaving your little bundle of joy alone in a crib—much more in a separate room—is enough to send shivers down your spine. As much as possible, you’d want to keep a watchful eye and be able to check in on her from time to time without accidentally disturbing her sweet slumber. Is a baby monitor worth the investment?

Thanks to baby monitors, you can put some of those fears aside. Sporting technologically-advanced features, baby monitors are one of the best ways to give yourself peace of mind. After all, you can track your baby’s movement when you need to be somewhere else, accomplish other tasks, or simply take a break.

Why a baby monitor?

Here are a few other reasons why a baby monitor is a must-have item in your home:

You can see and hear your baby day and night, even from a distance.

Over the years, baby monitors have become more advanced, with features and capabilities that can provide more information. You can hear your baby cry if you are in another room where you cannot easily hear her. With features like high-definition videos, you can also clearly watch your child wherever you are. There are also brands that allow you to check on your child from anywhere. This is, of course, as long as you are connected to the internet.

You receive intelligent alerts.

You can go ahead and do the laundry (or even attend to your plant babies). No need to worry about your newborn because some baby monitors can send alerts that advise you to personally check on the little one.

Baby monitors help monitor kids who need special care.

For moms with sick children, baby monitors are a life-saving gift. It is especially helpful for those with heart and breathing monitors. These are specifically designed to check on a baby’s breathing pattern. They are designed for babies with breathing problems or those who were born prematurely.

You don’t risk waking your little one up.

Some babies are light sleepers, that even slight movements can wake them up. So if you go near the crib countless times just to check how your baby is doing, you also risk waking her up. With a baby monitor, you can check on your precious one without having to walk in and out of the room (if you are sleeping in a separate room) or making unnecessary noises.

You are at ease leaving the baby with someone else.

Hired a new nanny or asked a family member to look after your child so you could run a quick errand? It’s totally understandable if you do not feel completely comfortable leaving your baby with a new babysitter—but with a baby monitor, at least you are aware of what’s happening to the ones you left behind at home.

Baby monitors can track your child’s sleep.

They’re a good tool to check how well your little one is sleeping at night—or if she’s sleeping at all. They can show you if your child is tossing or turning for a good number of hours, giving you an idea that she probably needs to catch up on sleep.

You can record precious moments.

It’s not all about security and safety. Baby monitors also help you record precious moments you wouldn’t initially think of capturing on camera. When you watch your clips, you’ll find heart-melting moments such as sweet unguarded moments between the parents and those with the child.

Choice Picks of Baby Monitor

Now, if you’re looking for baby monitors to install in your home, here are some of our recommendations:

Beaba Video Baby Monitor Zen Connect

This baby monitor is a practical tool designed with a connected full HD 1080p camera, a dedicated mobile app that allows for videos to be accessible via any Wi-FI network, sound and movement detection features, walkie-talkie, a thermometer, and video recording capability. The mobile app is available for download on both Android and iOS.

Timeflys Marathon Baby Video Monitor

This baby video monitor has eight music lullabies to put your baby to sleep. And instead of just an audio alert, you get to communicate with your little one through the video monitor (a 3.5-inch colored LCD display). It also comes with a remote-controlled night light and a temperature monitoring capability.

Timeflys Crown Baby Audio Monitor and Pager

Another must-have from Timeflys, this audio monitor doubles as a lullaby player. With eight music lullabies and a remote-controlled night light with a parent pager function, you’re not just making the baby comfy before bed, but you’re also keeping him well guarded. The pager will alert if the baby makes noises and if the temperature gets over 30°C or below 16°C.

Qihoo 360 Smart Camera Pan Tilt Rotating Camera

Want something that can double as a monitor and a speaker? This smart camera offers both: it won’t just record what’s going on with your baby, it will also let you talk or soothe your baby from afar by simply switching the speaker on. The camera comes with an ultra-HD lens, four fully custom HD optical glass lens, and facial recognition and body determination features with a seven-meter night vision—making it a great home security device overall.

Babies need a lot of attention. While baby monitors can help you keep track of your baby, never rely on them alone. There’s still no substitute for a parent watching the baby in person.

Learn more about Baby Care here.

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Written by Edamama Updated Dec 22, 2021
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