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My Baby Farts a Lot — Is This Normal? Should I Be Worried?

Medically reviewed by Regina Victoria Boyles, MD · Pediatrics

Written by Hello Bacsi · Updated Jul 14, 2023

My Baby Farts a Lot — Is This Normal? Should I Be Worried?

The condition of a newborn baby farting a lot without pooping not only makes parents worried, but it is also uncomfortable for the baby. However, when a baby farts a lot, it is often nothing to be worried about. It is a common condition, and there are many solutions you can consider.

There are many reasons why a baby farts a lot but doesn’t poop. When they experience little or no bowel movements, parents are easily worried that there may be a problem with their child’s digestive system. But children of different ages with different nutritional regimes will have different frequency of bowel movements. You need to consider this carefully to know if your baby’s bowel movements are normal.

How Many Times a Day Does a Newborn Baby Poop?

The frequency of your baby’s bowel movements depends on their age. For example, babies who are weeks to months old usually have fewer bowel movements than babies a few days old.

Some babies 2 months and older have a bowel movement once a day or more. Other babies have a bowel movement every few days or even only once a week.

In addition to age, the frequency of bowel movements depends in part on what your baby eats and drinks.

  • If your baby is exclusively breastfed, they may not poop every day. Their body can use almost all components of breast milk for nutrition and thus excrete very little. After about the first 6 weeks, your baby may not have a bowel movement for 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Formula-fed babies may have four bowel movements a day or just one every few days.
  • The frequency of your baby’s bowel movements will change completely once they start eating solid food. At this point, you will be able to observe which foods cause your baby to fart a lot.

When a baby farts a lot and doesn’t poop, you do not need to worry too much. Observe your child’s behavior to determine the cause of the problem.

The Reason Why Baby Farts a Lot Without Pooping

Sometimes, a baby farts a lot with pooping due to constipation, which is quite common in children. And when they have a bowel movement, the stools will be hard, dry, and small.

However, there are times when baby farts a lot without being constipated. The reason depends on the diet of the baby and the cause of the gas.

Breastfed Baby

Breastfed children almost never have constipation because breast milk is generally easier to digest than formula milk. However, your baby may change the frequency of bowel movements as breast milk changes.

About 6 weeks after giving birth, your breast milk will have little or no more of a protein called colostrum. This component of breast milk  helps your baby’s immune system to fight off germs. This substance also supports the baby’s bowel movements in the first few weeks of life. When milk is reduced or there is no colostrum, your baby may have fewer bowel movements.

Baby Farts a Lot Due to Formula Milk

If your baby is formula-fed, they may fart a lot if they swallow air while bottle feeding or if you change their formula. This is a normal because the baby’s digestive system is still sensitive. In case the newborn baby farts a lot but has no symptoms of constipation or other digestive problems, parents do not need to be too worried.

Newborn Baby Farts a lot But Doesn’t Poop from Eating Solids

When you introduce solid food, your baby may not have a bowel movement and may have a lot of gas. This commonly happens when babies are introduced to new food.

You can start your baby on new foods gradually, preferably one at a time, so you can identify foods that cause gas or constipation.

If your newborn baby farts a lot but doesn’t poop, check for other signs and symptoms of constipation:

  • Doesn’t want to suck
  • Passes hard, small stools
  • Cries often or is upset
  • Has dry and dark-colored stools
  • Is extremely tense and red but no poop comes out

Solutions for When a Newborn Baby Farts a Lot 

Most cases of gas or constipation will ease gradually as the baby’s digestive system develops more. However, there are still cases when parents need to intervene.

When To Go to the Doctor

If your baby farts a lot, has not pooped at all for a few days, and is under 6 weeks old, take your baby to the doctor right away. In rare cases, not having a bowel movement can be a sign of a more serious health problem. You may observe other symptoms such as:

  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal distention
  • Crying too much
  • Does not suck or eat
  • Curls back as if in pain

Babies over 6 weeks of age will occasionally get constipated. Take your child to the doctor if they have not had a bowel movement for more than a week or if they experience constipation or hard stools too often.

Home Treatment

After taking your child to the doctor, ask the doctor if you should try home remedies for your child. Some of these remedies include the following:

  • Give your baby extra food. You can try giving your baby extra breast milk or formula if they are willing to eat.
  • Give your baby water. Especially for babies over 6 months old, you must give them a little water to drink. You can also ask your doctor if you can give baby laxative juices like apple or pear juice. Giving water to babies older than 6 months can also help soften stools.
  • Adjust the diet. If your baby is already eating solid foods, you can give them more fiber-rich foods to help them pass stools more easily.
  • Give your baby exercise. Your baby may need exercise to make bowel movements easier. Move your baby’s legs in a cycling motion to aid digestion . You can also try holding your baby in a standing position so they can “walk” on your lap.
  • Give your baby a warm massage and bath. You can try massaging your baby’s belly and body to help relax and open up tight muscles in the abdomen. You can also try giving your baby a warm bath to help them relax.
  • Medication. If you’ve changed your baby’s feeding, diet, or exercise routine and the constipation doesn’t go away, your doctor may recommend infant glycerin. This medicine can improve your baby’s bowel movements, thereby helping them to be more comfortable and sleep better.

The reason why a baby farts a lot may be different depending on the age and nutrition of the baby. You need to identify this cause so that you can help your child improve their condition.

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Medically reviewed by

Regina Victoria Boyles, MD


Written by Hello Bacsi · Updated Jul 14, 2023

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