One Health Pass: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

    One Health Pass: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

    Because of the ongoing pandemic, strict travel protocols need to be maintained, especially for those coming from other countries. In the Philippines, the One Health Pass (OHP) is a system that has been set in place to ensure the safety of travelers as well as to control the spread of disease. Read on to learn more about what this pass is, how to get it, and who needs to apply for it.

    What is the One Health Pass?

    The One Health Pass is a pass for travelers as well as overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who will be traveling to the Philippines. The government implemented this pass in order to ensure that people from other countries who are heading to the Philippines are not infected with COVID-19. It has been in place since September 1, 20211.

    Another benefit of this pass is for OFWs. This is because the pass will by accepted by the local government unit or LGU of where they will be staying. There will be no need to get other forms or documents, since the OHP will be sufficient.

    Applying for the OHP has also been streamlined. Everything is done electronically, and travelers will be able to register before their flight. However, certain documents can only be submitted the day before or on the day of the flight. This will be discussed later on2.

    Who needs to get the pass?

    All travelers who will be arriving to the Philippines will be required to apply for the OHP. This includes all foreigners, OFWs, and non-OFWs. Children are also required to have the One Health Pass.

    How does the One Health Pass work?

    Here are some of the things that you will need to do if you will be traveling to the country3:

    1. Three days before your scheduled flight, you need to register on the One Health Pass online platform. Once you’re done, you should receive a transaction number, as well as an email confirmation which also contains your transaction number. Be sure to take note of your transaction number and keep this information handy.
    2. Travelers arriving to the Philippines are all required to undergo a mandatory quarantine. It will be 14 days for those who haven’t been vaccinated, and 10 days for those who are fully vaccinated. You can find the list of accredited quarantine hotels here. For non-OFW and qualified vaccine travelers, the quarantine will only last for 5 nights/6 days. Afterwards, an RT-PCR test will be conducted, and once it shows a negative results, they can spend the rest of their 10-day quarantine at home.
    3. Pre-book an RT-PCR test to be conducted on your 7th day of quarantine (if unvaccinated) and on your 5th day (if fully vaccinated).
    4. The day before your departure, you will need to fill out an electronic health declaration checklist4. You will only need to fill out some personal information, travel history, and your current health status. Once done, you will receive a QR code. This code is important as you will need to present it before boarding and once you arrive.
    5. On the day of your departure, you will need to update your One Health Pass registration. This includes your seat number on the flight, health declaration, etc.

    Once you arrive:

    1. Upon arrival, present your OHP QR code at the Department of Tourism help desk. They will be the ones to check the information on your OHP. Once everything is in order, you can proceed as normal.
    2. Once you leave the airport, immediately proceed to your quarantine hotel where you will be staying for the next few days.
    3. When you check-in, you’ll also need to present your OHP QR code to the front desk where they will be assisting you with checking in.

    Key Takeaways

    Applying for the OHP is mandatory for all travelers going to the Philippines. This helps monitor the people coming in and out of the country and will be helpful in preventing future outbreaks and infections of COVID-19.

    Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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    Written by Jan Alwyn Batara Updated Nov 09, 2021
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