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Salt Water Flush Benefits: Can It Help With My Colon Issues?

Salt Water Flush Benefits: Can It Help With My Colon Issues?

Salt water flushes, sometimes referred to as “master cleanses” or “saltwater cleanses,” are designed to help in cleansing the colon and digestive system by causing a sudden urge to urinate and defecate. As a result of drinking a salt water mixture, the body’s process of cleansing itself and eliminating wastes is triggered, which makes you feel lighter, less bloated, and less sluggish. Salt water flush benefits also include the relief of digestive discomfort. Here’s how it’s don.

Salt Water Flush Benefits

The practice of saltwater cleansing helps to purify the digestive system. The salt water flush benefits the body by removing impurities in the gut.

Using a solution of water and salt, we can temporarily halt digestion, while triggering the elimination mechanism of the body. When there is saltwater in the body, the body’s mechanisms tend to remove it as quickly as possible.

Salt water flush benefits include ease of constipation, reduced bloating, and cleansed colon.


Chronic medical conditions have been linked to colon toxins, which is why colon cleansing is recommended to boost immune function and energy. It is believed that the salt water flush assists in the removal of toxins from the body and purges old feces from the colon. Overall, the treatment is considered safe. However, always consult your doctor before trying this.

There are numerous noted salt water flush benefits. Among the other conditions that saltwater cleanses may help address are high blood pressure and digestive problems. Some also claim that salt water flush benefits include the treatment of common colds, fever, and degenerative ailments. As mentioned, do not self-diagnose or self-treat using this approach; always consult a phsyician.


There may be a lot of salt water flush benefits, but there are also risks to doing this regimen. Saltwater might make you feel nauseated and make you vomit if you drink it on an empty stomach. Dehydration, cramping, and bloating are also possible.

Due to the rapid loss of sodium and fluids that occurs with colon cleansing, electrolyte balance may be affected which may lead to:

  • Spasms of the muscles
  • Having irregular heartbeats
  • Body weakness
  • Seizures
  • Problems with blood pressure

Salt water flush benefits are many and the regimen is generally safe but, it is best not to do a saltwater flush if you have:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Swelling in any part of the body
  • Diseases of the kidney
  • Hypertension
  • Issues related to the digestive system, such as ulcers and inflammatory bowel disease

How to Prepare

Here’s how to prepare the solution and do the regimen:

  • In a quart (four cups) of warm water, dissolve two teaspoons of unprocessed natural salt. (Avoid using iodized salt. You may use pink Himalayan salt or sea salt)
  • If you want to improve the taste, add a little bit of lemon juice.
  • It is best to consume the saltwater solution on an empty stomach.
  • Take your time drinking the solution. It is best to drink the saltwater as fast as possible but it will take some time and practice before one gets used to the taste.

Shortly after drinking the salt water mixture, you should feel the need to defecate.

When cleansing, keep your diet light and avoid rich and heavy food.

How it is Done

A salt water flush is typically performed in the morning. Additionally, a saltwater flush could also be performed after eating in the evening.

Flushing can be done at any time of the day, as long as it is done on an empty stomach.

It is not recommended that you exercise or leave your home right after consuming saltwater. Your bowel movements will likely be frequent and urgent. It’s best to stay at home when doing this.

You will likely have to go to the bathroom several times during the morning. Several people finish cleaning their bowels in two hours. You might have to wait a little bit longer during these first few days.

One of the saltwater flush benefits is having a lot of extra energy and an enormous appetite but it’s going to take a few days before you notice these results.

Be sure to take it easy for the initial phase, especially if you’ve never been through any kind of detoxification before.

Key Takeaways

Salt water flush is used as a detoxifying method to cleanse the colon. By drinking a saltwater solution, the body is triggered to eliminate the salt. Along with the salt, other toxins are also eliminated from the body. Saltwater flushing is not without risk and may not be suitable for people who have heart disease or gastrointestinal problems. Overall, the regimen is safe and can be simply done at home. But before trying this, always consult your doctor.

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