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Master Facial Scrub For Men: Things To Know

Medically reviewed by Mae Charisse Antalan, MD · General Practitioner

Written by Lorraine Bunag, R.N. · Updated Mar 13, 2023

Master Facial Scrub For Men: Things To Know

Using a facial scrub is a great way to exfoliate and cleanse your skin. It helps remove dead skin cells and dirt, promoting the growth of new, healthy skin. This can help prevent acne, blackheads, wrinkles, and the premature aging of the skin. Suffice to say, using a facial scrub is beneficial for both men and women. But, truthfully, there aren’t many facial scrub products for men. One that immediately comes to mind (and search results) is Master Facial Scrub. But, is it effective? 

Master – Face Care Brand For Men

Master, a well-known face care brand for men here in the Philippines, has a range of products. They have facial wash for deep cleansing, oil control, and acne care. But, for now, we’ll focus on their facial scrub. 

Master has several facial scrubs depending on your needs. They have one for skin brightening, lightening, and one for oil control. However, all these varieties have one thing in common: they have ZEROil, which, according to the package, can control oil for up to 8 hours. The thing is, the package doesn’t specify which among its numerous ingredients pertain to ZEROil. 

Master Facial Scrub Ingredients

The following are just some of the ingredients found in Master Facial Scrub:

  • Stearic Acid, a common component of shea butter and coconut oil, both of which are also used in skin care products as moisturizer
  • Myristic Acid, which according to reports reduces inflammation and nociception (pain)3
  • Beeswax, which has softening and lubricating properties. Reports say it can also help protect the skin from environmental factors. It can also help increase skin cell turnover after damage

But, these are just three of the numerous chemicals included in the scrub. Depending on the variety you choose, the product may also contain glutathione, papaya extract, niacinamide, and aloe vera leaf extract. 

Please do a patch test first before using this product, so you’ll know it won’t cause untoward reactions, like redness and itching. If it does, please discontinue use. 

Can You Make Your Own Facial Scrub for Oil Control?

Master Facial Scrub can be an inexpensive product if you want to address common skin problems like dead skin cell accumulation, acne, and oiliness. However, considering it has many ingredients that you might react negatively to, you might be tempted to just make your own facial scrub. 

Common ingredients in DIY facial scrubs include oats (often, finely ground), brown sugar, baking soda, and fine coffee grounds. You will also want some type of oil, like olive or almond oil—just enough to act as a binding agent so the scrub holds together. The amount of each ingredient you’ll need depends on how much scrub you want to make at once and how strong (abrasive) you want your scrub to be.

For an extra boost of benefits, try adding honey or vitamin E oil to your facial scrub. If you plan on going into the sun after using this DIY facial scrub, avoid citrus oils (or lemon juice) as they can make you more sensitive to UV rays.

Just mix the ingredients together until they form a paste, then apply the mixture to your face and neck. Scrub gently for a few minutes before rinsing off with warm water. You can use this homemade exfoliant once or twice a week as part of your skincare routine—or whenever you need some extra TLC!

Feel free to experiment with different combinations until you find one that suits your skin’s needs best, however, please still be cautious. These DIY scrubs may do more harm to your skin. Never use a scrub on active acne and wounds; consult your dermatologist. 

Key Takeaways

Facial scrubs help remove dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oil. Using a facial scrub can help with oiliness and acne. You may try commercial skin products od DIY home scrubs. However, the best way to go about it is to consult your dermatologist.

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Medically reviewed by

Mae Charisse Antalan, MD

General Practitioner

Written by Lorraine Bunag, R.N. · Updated Mar 13, 2023

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